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..|| Hc 2013-05-23
I was able to go the whole night long. At first I was sceptical but now recommend it highly. Going to buy a case asap

..|| Rich 2014-03-01
I've tried them all. Of the pharmaceuticals are going to work...they're drugs!!! Hello!! I choose Steel Woody because it is natural with no side effects. I've lost some of my. I've lost some of my vision due to the alternative drugs. Therefore ill achieve that "rock hard" Woody with Steel Woody without going blind. After all my wife is a hottie! Thx guys! Rich

..|| Breathless in Miami 2012-03-22
Stop! Please stop. I can't take it anymore! Let me catch my breath. You're killing me! That's what she said...

..|| The STEEL 2014-01-11
Set a new personal best last night thanks to steel woody and my wingman. We were prowling a local bar full of hotties and by the next day I had 3 confirmed kills. Couldnt have done it without the STEEL.

..|| Anonymous 2013-06-17
Bravo steel woody. Who needs the little blue pill when this is all natural!

..|| JD 2013-05-27
Very Nice! I have not had this much fun in years.

..|| Carl 2013-09-14
Just wanted to say thanks for a great product. Only used it once so far but i will b ordering again.

..|| Amazin 2013-05-04
Yeah, I got some steel in my woody. Feels great.

..|| Man of Steel Woody 2013-12-04
Ladies.... Fasten your seat belts. He's awake, aroused and HUNGRY!

..|| Rebel Rider 2013-07-23
My South has risen again!!

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